What is Chiptuning and how does it work?
Each injection engine whether petrol or turbo diesel is provided with a computer - ECU (Engine Control Unit) which regulates ignition timing, fuel injection – air/fuel proportion and turbo boost (on turbocharged cars). Within the ECU is a chip that contains the necessary operating parameters for the engine. We reprogram this chip in order to give the engine a new and enhanced operating program. 

What are the risks of chip tuning to a car?

No. Not to the engine. What you need to be aware of is the ability to return the car to its original state of tune.

Do you offer a guarantee?
We provide you with a functional software guarantee for a period of 5 years.

Which engines are suitable for Chiptuning?
Turbodiesel, Turbopetrol, Methane GPL.

Can I use Powerrevolution with diesel particulate filters?

Powerrevolution can be used worry-free with dieselk particolate filters.

Can I Still save fuel despite having more power?

Yes, by adapted driving behavior, Powerrevolution can greatly fuel consumption.

The remote control is essential to the operation of the chiptuning Powerrevolution?

No, the remote control is only option that serves only to turn on/off the unit directly from the driver.

Is it possible to install a Powerrevolution even without any tecnical?
Yes, Powerrevolution are designed for problem-free installation.

Delivery time?
24-48 hours for all EU Countries. 3-15 days for other Countries.


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